Warranty protection

Many performance car manufacturers back up their vehicles with great warranties. However, many of these warranties require a regular maintenance schedule in order for the warranty to remain valid.

If you skip too many oil changes, your warranty may no longer be valid. This is why it’s important to know when to take your vehicle in for preventative car maintenance and regular oil changes which can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

Never miss another oil change

Oil lubricates the moving parts in your engine which dramatically helps to reduce friction. Fresh oil lubricates at peak efficiency and plays a big role in reducing the daily wear and tear on your engine.

You may be costing yourself more by having to replace your oil filter more regularly by delaying your oil change!

Pollution reduction

Efficient engines are also clean engines. An engine using fresh oil will run more efficiently.

An engine running on older oil is likely to emit more pollution into the atmosphere. It’s good to be mindful of our environment and therefore ensuring that you don’t miss an oil change is a good way to go about this.